Originally set up in 1750 as the St Marylebone Charity School, its first charitable act was to educate ten orphaned girls into service.

The charity changed over the following 184 years, becoming a girls’ school with many students, a uniform and boarding provision; it was co-educational for a time and finished as a girls’ school.

The St Marylebone Educational Foundation was formed in 1934, from the St Marylebone Charity School, when schooling was taken over by the Government and state schools first began. The St Marylebone C E School is the modern version of the St Marylebone Charity School.

The St Marylebone Educational Foundation’s purpose is to promote the education of young people with a connection to the City of Westminster with a preference to those with a connection to the Parish of St Marylebone. Within the purposes The St Marylebone C E School is given grant funding for those projects that are out of the scope of the Local Educational Authority.


Grant Eligibility in 2021


Grants are available to promote the Education of young people under the age of 25 by awarding bursaries, providing financial assistance for outfits, clothing, tools, instruments or books to assist such persons to pursue their education, including the study of music and the other arts.

Grants are also available to Westminster based schools and organisations for capital funding for various projects.

Applications will only be considered from those individuals with a proven 2 year connection to the City of Westminster either by living or being schooled there.

The funding is for education at primary or secondary level. Tertiary Education (university courses or other training after A’ Level’s) is not currently supported. 

Grants can be for music lessons, equipment such as laptops and uniforms. It is also possible to apply for a bursary towards the cost of school fees.


For more information about eligibility and to fill in an enquiry form please navigate to www.stmaryleboneeducationalfoundation.org


The Clerk may also be contacted by writing to
St Marylebone Educational Foundation
12 Melcombe Place
London NW1 6JJ   

Or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Registered Charity No. 312378

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