The 1987 Rieger Instrument in St Marylebone Parish Church is the product of a unique collaboration between the church and the Royal Academy of Music, whose premises are situated across the road from St Marylebone. The Academy, who contributed to half of the cost of the instrument have a fifty year licence to use the organ for practice and teaching during term time. The installation of the instrument was overseen by the then Director of Music Catherine Ennis and the consultant Geraint Jones. It is designed in such a way as to play convincingly the widest possible variety of organ repertory, complete with appropriate playing aids to facilitate this. It has mechanical key action allowing the player precise control of the musical details of his/her performance and has a great versatility due to the clever disposition of stops within the framework of the ‘Werkprinzip’ design where each department is housed in a specific part of the case. The instrument is highly successful in leading congregational singing due to its position at the liturgical west of the church and the direct way in which it speaks into the building.


The clarity in the voicing on the Great and Rückpositiv is complemented by the more romantic Swell organ, which gives the instrument great versatility in accompanying the church’s professional choir as well as meeting the demands placed on the instrument in its various uses as a teaching, recital and liturgical instrument. This fine organ gives to both player and listener a truly musical experience.
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