Sunday 26th September 


Mozart’s Orgelsolomesse dates from 1775/6, and shows a development in the style of composition of the missa brevis form – succinct setting of the mass text with alternating chorus and solo quartet. It is the organ obbligato part in the Benedictus which gives the mass its name. Here, Mozart uses the organ as an extra solo voice amongst the quartet of solo singers.


Maurice Greene (1696-1755) enjoyed a remarkably successful musical career; by 1735 Greene, although not yet 40 years old, held all the major musical appointments in the country i.e. Organist of St. Paul's Cathedral, Organist and Composer to the Chapel Royal, Professor of Music at Cambridge University and Master of the King's Musick. Set in cheery triple metre, Thou visitest the earth celebrates God’s bounteous gifts in creation.


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