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Come and support our amazing cast of Young Church actors! They will be performing for Harvest Festival this Sunday, 26th September at 11am. 
Due to the Harvest Festival performance, there will be no Young Church session at 8.30am this Sunday. You are still welcome to attend this Holy Communion BCP service, with an activity sheet provided to aid worship for children.

Young Church sessions
Young Church sessions to take place at St Marylebone CE Sixth Form, Blandford Street at both the 8.30am and 11am services
Coffee mornings
You are invited for tea & coffee (and juice/snacks for children) in the Garden of Rest (or in Paddington Street Gardens if at Blandford Street) after the 8.30am Holy Communion service (fortnightly).  Tea/Coffee and juice will be provided. Please do grab your own if you prefer a Frappuccino!



Young Church Membership

If your child is interested in joining Young Church, please call or email Mr Matthew Butler, the Families Lead:
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  M: 07494256503

Attendance Protocol. An attendance register, requiring both the name of the parent/guardian attending and the accompanied child, is taken by a sidesman before you enter the church. Please read the attendance-keeping policy by clicking here.

 After you get in touch, you will receive (via email) a Welcome Letter from the Rector, a Young Church Registration form and an Electoral Roll/Church Membership form.

To help us run the work we do here at St Marylebone Parish Church, it would be great if you could fill in a standing order form to set up a regular donation. You can fill out a form for us by clicking here:


Thank you for your support. You can find out more about Giving and Stewardship under the “Donate” tab on this website.

All Virtual Young Church videos are available through this link:


School Admissions

We care very deeply for all our Church families. We want to get to know you, and grow in faith hope and love together. We realise the challenges of building faith-full communities in busy city life today and the pressures families experience around school admissions. Our sincere wish is to serve our families so they can flourish in faith, love and learning at Church, home, and school.
Please click here to read about the procedures in place for families choosing to worship with us.


 Click here for the YC GallerySt Marylebone YC Images 1                                    
Jesus said: ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them,
for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.    (St Matthew 19:14)

At St Marylebone we take these words very seriously. Young Church exists to encourage and nurture children, young people and families in their Christian faith. All are welcome and we aim to offer a safe, secure and stimulating environment in which to explore our faith and grow together as Christians. Young Church is blessed with a team of dedicated leaders who bring with them a wide range of different backgrounds and experiences. Parent leaders are DBS checked. 

When we're not in lockdown or undergoing major building work, we use the ample crypt facilities for our worship and activities on Sundays at 8.30am and 11am. Our teaching and activities are based on the Common Worship Lectionary and week by week we use the stories of Jesus Christ to tell children about how God loves them.

The Junior Choir is not currently meeting. 

Virtual Young Church Sunday 15th November
Watch the video here

Virtual Young Church Book of Hours
Over the summer break, Young Church are invited to make their own medieval Books of Hours. These are prayer books than can deepen our prayer lives, just like they did hundreds of years ago.
Watch the video here
Young Church Summer Competition 2020  

Escape from Egypt! Virtual Young Church 19th July 2020
Before Young Church break for the summer, they return to Egypt to see the brave escape of the Israelites from captivity.
Watch the video here


Virtual Young Church The Ten Plagues 12th July 2020
Welcome to Ancient Egypt, but don't stay long because the 10 Plagues are about to appear because of Pharaoh's stubbornness and pride.
Watch the video here

Virtual Young Church 5th July 2020
This Sunday, Young Church reflect on Moses' encounter with God in the burning bush. How do we encounter God in our own lives?
Watch the video here

Virtual Young Church 28th June 2020
Walk with Young Church to the edge of the Nile, where a mother and daughter make preparations to save a baby you may have heard of. Jesus tells us that we must love him, must love God, more than our own families. What do we think he means by this?
Watch the video here

Trinity 2 Young Church 21st June 2020
Today Young Church discuss what it means to receive a blessing.

Watch the video here
Story Time Young Church 21st June 2020

This is the story of Jacob and Esau, and their struggle for their father Isaac's blessing and inheritance.
Watch the video here

Corpus Christi Young Church 14th June 2020
What do a journey up a mountain, guardian angels and bread from heaven have in common? The sacrifice and love of God for the world. This Sunday Young Church celebrates Corpus Christi, the body of Christ in the bread of the Eucharist. The children share their baking skills with their Trinity Bread, and we make depictions of our very own Guardian Angels.
Watch the video here
Trinity Young Church 7th June 2020
This Sunday, Young Church reflects on the nature of the Trinity, looks at how the Triune God first made His appearance in the Book of Genesis, and learns how to bake soda bread! We also display all of our beautiful Holy Spirit Wind Spirals.
Watch the video here

Pentecost Activity Video Young Church, 31st May 2020

After our Thy Kingdom Come prayers this week, Young Church create their own wind spirals and ask the Holy Spirit to enter into our homes.
Watch the video here

Young Church Ascensiontide and Noah's Ark, 24th May 2020
Please join us at St Marylebone Young Church as we compare the waiting of the apostles for the Holy Spirit and the experiences of Noah's family in Genesis. Our apples from the Tree of Knowledge are also displayed in the video, for a time of quiet reflection.
Watch the video here
A Young Church prayer journey for half term is available here

A big thank you to all the children that took part, as well as to Matthew's Christian community members at Hinde Street Methodist Church.

Young Church - Thy Kingdom Come
Young Church start their novena devotional, with a set prayer each day at different places or "stations" in our homes. Join us for a prayer holiday!
Watch the video here    

The following pdf prayer pack will be emailed to Young Church families: prayer pack

Ascenstiontide Young Church

Thank you to Tess for the beautiful picture of the church featured in this poster. To help Young Church celebrate the Feast of the Ascension there will be, from Thursday 21st May, a video on YouTube with suggested Ascensiontide activities. This will be followed by a series of prayers, sent via email and on Google Classroom. From the Families Ministry Lead, Matthew Butler. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sixth Sunday of Easter
Join Young Church at St Marylebone Parish Church, as we learn more about the Garden of Eden and how Adam and Eve were tempted. We make some apples to hang in the garden or on house plants, reflecting on our individual relationships with God and talking to him about those things we find difficult.
watch the video here

Fifth Sunday of Easter
This Sunday, we are going on a journey with God. We start thinking about what Stephen says in Acts about the story of the Jewish people; we then jump back in time to Mesopotamia and look at a votive figure; and then we go to the very beginning with the story of Adam and Eve.
Watch the video here
Fourth Sunday of Easter
Please join us for our worship this morning as we look at what the Peanuts comics can tell us about theology, how Jesus can be both a gate AND a shepherd, and witness our gratitude trees! The video also announces all the winners for our Easter Competition. Congratulations! And thank you to all who took part in this competition. Your artwork is now in a video on YouTube as well as in the Young Church gallery on the St Marylebone Parish Church website.
Watch the video here
The Road to Emmaus
Please join Young Church for our Sunday morning worship, where we look at the Road to Emmaus and how amazed Jesus' disciples were that he had returned to them. Our themes include the wonder we feel when we look at God's creation and how we can express our gratitude.
Watch the video here

The Easter Day service for Young Church, 12 April 2020. A Happy Easter to you all!
Watch the video here

Young Church Good Friday, 10th April 2020
Watch the video here
Young Church Palm Sunday, 5th April 2020
Watch the video here
Young Church 29th March 2020
Our worship video this morning explores the friendship between Jesus and a family, made up of a brother and two sisters. Lots of people in the story are upset because of the death of Lazarus, but when Jesus comes along things change for the better. Verse 35 is the shortest verse in the Bible: "Jesus wept" - we know that just like us there were things that made Jesus sad. When we are sad, we can known that Jesus understands and wants to comfort us just like he wanted to comfort his friends Mary and Martha. This video will also be made available on Google Classroom for Young Church to register.
Watch the video here
Young Church Early Years 29th March - Click here for story time  

Young Church Mothering Sunday – 22nd March
Please join Young Church for our first ever YouTube Video! 
We hope this is a good opportunity for everyone in your home to gather today and worship God,
as part of your household's Spiritual Communion.Please download the Spiritual Communion order of service here.
Together @ Home activities to do as a family, for week beginning Sunday 22nd March:
Please click here for the activity sheets                              
Watch the video here  

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